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Nutrition information as a tool of consumer empowerment and public health protection ?


Nutrition information as a tool of consumer empowerment and public health protection ?

Du jeudi 25 janvier 2018 au vendredi 26 janvier 2018



Thursday, 25 January 2018


9.45 : Accueil des participant-e-s/Registration

10.00 : Mots de bienvenue et introduction/Welcome and Introduction


Panel 1- Setting the Scene

Chair : Prof. Geneviève Parent, Université de Laval (Canada)



10.00 : Nutrition Information and Healthier Diets: Opportunities and Challenges
Dr Francesco Branca, WHO Geneva (Switzerland)

Nutrition Information and the NOURISHING Framework and Policy Database
Louise Meincke, World Cancer Research Fund International

Compliance with National Dietary Guidelines across the Three Linguistic Regions of Switzerland
Dr Semira Gonseth Nusslé, CHUV Lausanne (Switzerland)


Who emro

Food Labelling and Nutrition Policies : A Regional Perspective
Dr Ayoub Al-Jawaldeh, WHO Regional Office for the East Mediterranean Region, Cairo (Egypt)


12.30 : Lunch


Panel 2 Nutrition Information : from Regulation to Litigation


Part I : Nutrition Information and State Obligations to Promote Healthier Diets

Chair : Prof. Amandine Garde, University of Liverpool (United Kingdom)


13.30 : Nutrition Information : A Human Rights Perspective
Prof. Brigit Toebes/Meaghan Beyer, University of Groningen (Netherlands)

The Limits of Nutrition Information as a Policy Tool : A Human Rights Perspective
Dr Naomi Salmon, Aberystwyth University (United Kingdom)


Part II : Nutrition Information, Food Industry Responsibility and Strategic Litigation

Chair : Prof. Marie-Eve Arbour, Université de Laval (Canada)


14.15 : Nutrition Information and Advertising : Legal Means of Control and Remedies – A Canadian Perspective
Prof. Marie-Eve Couture Ménard/Prof. Marie-Claude Desjardins, Université de Sherbrooke (Canada)

A Duty to Warn Consumers about the Risk of Overconsumption ?
Prof. Jacob Shelley, Western University (Canada)

Etiquetage de précaution : quelle information dans le contexte d'incertitude ?
Mari Viro Moser , Université de Neuchâtel (Switzerland)

Nutrition Information : Effects on Industry’s Accountability
Prof. Lara Khoury, University of Mc Gill (Canada)

15.30 : Coffee break


Panel 3 : Challenging the Information Paradigm

Chair : Prof. Geneviève Parent, Université de Laval (Canada)



16h00 : The Role of Labelling in the WHO Healthy Diet and Obesity Prevention Strategy
Dr Temo Waqanivalu, WHO Geneva (Switzerland)

Droit de l'alimentation, santé et neurosciences : vers un changement des paradigmes ?
Prof. Alessandra Di Lauro, University of Pisa (Italy)

Coexistence entre information et publicité nutritionnelle : imprécisions et tensions
Dr Marine Friant-Perrot, Université de Nantes (France)

De l’information nutritionnelle obligatoire aux allégations : l’approche singulière du législateur suisse
Prof. Anne-Christine Fornage/Dr Sandra Vigneron, Université de Lausanne (Switzerland)

Children Know It's Healthy and Think It's Tasty, But Do They Choose It ? Implications for Policy and Design When Promoting Healthy Food to Children
Prof. Suzanne Suggs/Maria Lagomarsino, Università della Svizzera italiana/Université de Neuchâtel (Switzerland)

If You Want Me to Eat Healthily, Talk Directly to Me : Promoting Healthy Eating Behaviour for Children
Prof. Suzanne Suggs/Dr Natalie Rangelov, Università della Svizzera italiana (Switzerland)

Keep It Simple, Stupid – Using the Kiss Principle for Nutritional Labelling as Potentially Misleading ?
Prof. Joasia Lusak, University of Exeter (United Kingdom)

18.00 : End


Friday, 26 January 2018


Panel 4 : Simplified Food Labelling

Chair : Dr Francesco Branca, WHO Geneva (Switzerland)


10.00 : Nutriscore : développement et validation
Dr Chantal Julia, Université de Paris 13 (France)

Analyse critique de la production normative relative à l’étiquetage nutritionnel volontaire en France
Dr Pierre-Etienne Bouillot, Agro Paris Tech (France)

How Nutritional Quality Labels Influence Food-Related Decisions in Low Involvement Contexts
Prof. Carolina Werle, Grenoble Ecole de Management (France)

11.00 : Coffee break

11.30 : Consumers ́ Motivations, Understanding and Trust of the Front-of-Pack labelling System Before and After the 2014 Regulation in Mexico
Dr Jaqueline Alcalde, National Institute of Public Health (Mexico)

Evolution of Nutrition Labelling Policy in the UK
Dr Modi Motswama, UK Health Forum (United Kingdom)

The UK Traffic Light Labelling Scheme
Nikhil Gokani, University of Liverpool (United Kingdom)

Comparing the Effectiveness of Simplified Food Labelling Schemes
Prof. Mike Rayner, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)


12.45 : Lunch


Panel 5 – Nutrition Information and International Trade


Part I : European Union Internal Market Law

Co-Chairs : Dr Marine Friant-Perrot – Université de Nantes (France) and Prof. Amandine Garde – University of Liverpool (United Kingdom)


13.45 : Free movement of Foodstuffs – the EU Legal Framework on Nutrition Labelling
Dr Yiannos Tolias, European Commission (Belgium)

Assessing the Compatibility of National Nutrition Information Rules with EU law
Prof. Caoimhin MacMaolain, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)


Part II : World Trade Organization Law

Chair : Dr Benn McGrady, WHO Geneva (Switzerland)


14.30 : Nutrition Labelling, Nutrition Profiles and WTO Law
Dr Gregory Messenger, University of Liverpool (United Kingdom)

Legal Implications of Restrictions on Marketing of Foods or Beverages Applied to Product Packaging
Dr Benn McGrady, WHO Geneva (Switzerland)

CODEX Standards : Will New Front-of-Pack Label Guidance Help Governments Innovate to Reduce Harm or Force them to Cling to the Past ?
Bill Jeffery, Centre for Health Science and Law, Ottawa (Canada)

15.30 : Final Roundtable Discussion

16.00 : Conclusion


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